Security Glass Products

Arizona Glass Specialists offers a wide range of products to provide protection from forced entry and ballistic threats for correctional facilities, courthouses and government security buildings. Our products combine the abrasion resistance of glass with the impact resistance of polycarbonate. We use polycarbonates designed for extensive physical attack combined with ballistic performance. 

Bullet Resistant Glass: Our bullet resistant products protect against a wide range of ballistic threat levels. These products combine multiple layers of glass and polyvinyl butyral (pvb) for various levels of protection. Our windows have the durability and abrasion resistance of glass on the “attack” side and the impact resistance of polycarbonate to the “witness” side, providing thinner and lighter products.

Fire Rated Glass: Arizona Glass Specialists offers Fire Rated Glass insulated with radiant and conductive heat which provides the maximum protection against fire. These products may be designed for blast, attack, security, hurricane protection, acoustic insulation, energy performance and nearly unlimited design and aesthetic treatments.

X-ray Leaded Glass: Arizona Glass Specialists offers x-ray and radiation protective lead glass shielding products which are utilized when a clear view and radiation shielding is of absolute priority in diagnostic, therapy, isotopic or nuclear radiation sources. It is used for radiation shielding in medical treatment, imaging, testing, inspection, experimentation or energy production.


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